“Our mission is to transform AR in ROI.” – Mickael Jordan, COO of Augment.

Big businesses have been thinking ahead, finding new ways to improve old processes. Through Augmented reality (AR), they’ve been able to improve customer engagement and shorten their sales cycle. It is quickly becoming a marketing staple for large brands and retailers to engage their customers with enticing interactions and the most thorough relationships tend to work both ways. AR is making shopping much more meaningful and interactive – it’s the wow factor.

This new wave of technology is playing a large role in successfully marketing and selling to a growing market of tech savvy consumers. Where does Augment see this happening most? Augmented reality is making an impactful mark on in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, and actually helping manufacturers bring even more products to retailers and expand into new markets successively, and impressively.

Here is how some of the top CPGs are using augmented reality.

Coca Cola

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Despite being an international leader in the beverage industry, the Coca Cola sales team in Germany wanted to improve their sales for POS inventory. With an array of sizes and designs, it was difficult for retailers to know which display would look and fit best in their individual stores. In essence, it was hard to sell their vision.

However, with the help of Augment, Coca Cola was able to minimize sales objections and indecision concerning display placement. Augmented reality technology equips the Coca Cola sales team with the ability to simulate and demonstrate how future store installments will look in any location. Coca Cola chose to use the Augment integration through Salesforce to allow sales rep to take photos of the retail store, and then show – to scale – how different coolers, displays, and Coca Cola installments will look and fit in their environment, not a generic location.


In 2014, Kraft was able to secure a profitable summer marketing campaign in Walmart Supercenters across the nation through leveraging AR product packaging to feature summer-themed food items. During the special promotional period, customers simply downloaded an app, and then used that AR app to track their Kraft brand purchases, at Walmart only.

Kraft has many competitors, but their investment in AR technology helped them differentiate themselves among the competition. Partnering with a huge retailer during a peak sales season also shows the belief in their initiative. Augmented reality helped forge this partnership between Kraft and Walmart; thus resulting in a lucrative promotion that was extremely interactive and fun for their consumers.

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The global beauty supply company, L’Oréal has a very large, dedicated sales team of over 1,700 members. Augment equips the L’Oréal team with a competitive edge, allowing innovation to help trump competition. To battle the sales discrepancy in the field, and win shelf and floor space with leading salons and retailers.

Augment L'Oreal campaign

Using an AR app, L’Oréal Professional sales reps can show salon owners and beauty product retailers how their display stands will look in their store. They can then simulate the model in life-like augmented reality in their customers’ salons.

L’Oréal aims to provide the best innovation in cosmetics to its customers. With an international footprint, the company strives to meet the diverse needs of each customer in every country. Using augmented reality doesn’t just assist their business endeavors but also their overall mission as an innovative brand.


Simmons has also been embracing AR technology in order to differentiate their mattresses amongst competition and secure floor space in prominent furniture retailers. The Simmons AR product demo technology can virtually construct or deconstruct all of their mattresses to demonstrate the high quality of the product, and also showcase different features and modifications available.

Simmons is using this AR technology in a couple of environments such as tradeshows and sales, and eventually plans to incorporate an in-store version of this simulator for customer use as well.

CPG giants such as Coca Cola, Kraft, L’Oreal, and Simmons are among the companies who are leveraging the power of AR for successfully selling their products, displays, and designs into prominent retail locations. Augment can help you harness the power of augmented reality technology to get more of your products into more retailers with ease and class. See how we’ve helped the giants sell products through AR.

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