About Augment

About Augment

Our mission is to seamlessly merge our physical and virtual experiences. Together, we want to change the way people see and imagine the world around them.

The idea of Augment came from Co-founder & CEO Jean-François Chianetta’s online shopping experience. He was reading reviews that described a product as the biggest of its type. "With photos, you couldn’t really see that," he said. The mechanical engineer then came up with a solution – the first application with which you could visualize 3D models in the real world.

Now, with more than 200 clients in 36 countries, Augment is a leader in the augmented reality space. Augment now has over 40 employees from 14 different countries. We’re a diverse, happy bunch of people working together to build the best augmented reality solution to professionals, through our SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

As a design solution, Augment speeds up the design approval process and cuts prototyping costs. For sales teams, Augment helps increase sales, compliance, and efficiency. As a marketing solution, Augment connects offline and online communications, improving engagement and facilitating decision making. For Omni-commerce, Augment removes the guesswork by allowing customers to try the products in augmented reality at home before buying through their smartphones or tablets.

Augment was founded in October 2011. The startup is headquartered in Paris (France).