Add Augmented Reality to Your Shopify Store

If a picture is worth a thousand words (or a thousand online sales, in eCommerce), then what is an interactive, 3D augmented reality experience of a product worth on your Shopify store? You know product images are essential for your online store. Shoppers have come to expect stellar images. The difference between mediocre and high-quality, [...]

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Visualize Small Products in Augmented Reality with a Dollar Bill

If you have cash in your wallet, you have all you need to visualize small products in augmented reality with Augment. A recent Augment update makes it possible for USD, euros, and pesos to serve as augmented reality trackers. USD bills: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Euro notes: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€ Pesos: $20, [...]

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Launch 3D Models in Augmented Reality from Your Website with the Augment Button – Now Live!

Today we’re rolling out a new feature for all users - the Augment Button - that lets you easily add augmented reality capability to any website by inserting generated HTML code. The Augment Button is connected to a 3D model in your Augment account. You can embed a button on any website, from eCommerce sites to [...]

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Augment App for iOS and Android Gets a Refresh

A new Augment app experience just rolled out to everyone globally -- update your iOS or Android app to check it out. In addition to a beautiful new interface and simplified navigation, these changes laid the groundwork for advancements to the entire Augment ecosystem. The technology and app improvements are also available for retailers' e-commerce platforms [...]

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Introducing the Augment SDK

Today, Augment is excited to announce our augmented reality SDK, now available to retailers, brands, and manufacturers alike who want to leverage AR to better their shopping experience for consumers. When Augment was founded, our goal was to merge the real and virtual seamlessly through augmented reality. We wanted to bring the most realistic way [...]

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Collaborate Easily with Augment’s Shared Folder Permissions

Our users often tell us how collaborating on projects helps move things forward. It’s common for multiple people and departments to be involved behind the scenes of augmented reality product visualization - project managers, designers, sales managers, and the field force. We decided there needed to be a way for teams to more easily collaborate [...]

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Special Preview of the Augment SDKs

Augmented Reality has always been anticipated to change the way people see the world around them but it will also revolutionize the way we shop online. Innovation in online retail has been quickly advancing, and augmented reality is in a position to bring a physical presence to eCommerce. Augment is excited to announce the Augment SDK. The [...]

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3D Models and Processing: An Excerpt From Our eBook

In lieu of Augment's forthcoming eBook on augmented reality (AR), we wanted to share certain snippets to show you the quality of information you should expect. This book by Augment is written to help the world understand what AR truly is, how it works, and the way it will revolutionize innovation in business. Enjoy an excerpt [...]

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Have You Seen Augment’s Youtube Channel Lately?

When it comes to new technology, it’s better to show rather than tell. Pokemon Go showed the world that augmented reality (AR) can create a viral effect and essentially influence human behavior for the time being. Augment is active in showing our audience how augmented reality works, mainly through product visualization. In Augment, you can [...]

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Augment’s New Desktop Software: Create and Preview Interactive Solutions for Augmented Reality

Introducing Augment Desktop, a software to help 3D designers preview, edit, and configure 3D models and launch them in augmented reality in minutes. 3D design software and AR technology need to function well together for their tools to create powerful experiences. For years, 3D product models or photos were only displayed in 2D for customers [...]

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Augment Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Sales Cloud Customers can use Augment to simulate scaled products in their customers' environments using augmented reality. Augment, a provider of augmented reality solutions and Silver level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that its augmented reality digital sales aid, Augment for Oracle Sales Cloud is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace [...]

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Augment for Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Augment is officially integrated on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. With that, Oracle customers can easily simulate their products in augmented reality anywhere at any time, and remove the guesswork during the sales process to close more deals faster. The Cloud Marketplace gives its partners the opportunity to reach out more audience and enables them to achieve [...]

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StayinFront and Augment Partner to Introduce Integrated Mobile Augmented Reality Solution to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Solution to enable consumer packaged goods sales reps to simulate scaled, 3D merchandising in real time, directly in their customers' retail environments Fairfield, NJ and Paris, France − (January 25, 2016) – StayinFront, a global leader of cloud-based field force automation solutions, and Augment, a software company whose applications allow users to simulate images of [...]

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4 ways to access a 3D model with Augment


Watch the video and discover 4 ways to open a 3D model in Augment. […]

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