If you were one of Metaio’s 150,000+ developers, a Junaio’s user, or an augmented reality enthusiast, then you’ve probably already seen the above news already.

So what’s going to happen to your augmented reality experiences running on Metaio’s SDK or Junaio’s platform? Fear not, we have the perfect alternative for you!

Augment is the world’s best rated augmented reality app and platform for iOS and Android. From interactive print to B2B sales and prototyping, it lets you do most of the things you used to do with Metaio, but even better, faster and simpler.

Interactive Print Campaigns

  • Create outstanding campaigns that delight and surprise your target audience. Watch a video.
  • Let your prospective customers try your products at home through an augmented catalogue. See an example.
  • Generate more leads at trade shows with augmented brochures. See an example.



B2B Sales

  • Coca-Cola’s retail customers know exactly how their new point of sale materials will look like in their store. Watch the video.
  • L’Oréal’s sales people excel at retail execution. Watch the video.
  • Industrial manufacturer Dusobox cuts prototyping costs and iterates faster. Watch the video.

How Coca-Cola streamlines its in-store sales process through augmented reality


Integration With Third Party Apps

Easily link the Augment app to your existing app, as shown in the Coca-Cola example above. Contact us to learn more.

You’re not convinced that Augment will make you forget why you chose Metaio in the first place? See for yourself.

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