Surprise and delight your prospects with extraordinary brochures using augmented reality technology.

Let the magic begin!

Effegibi-TrackerAugment offers an innovative way to showcase your company and products.

When your prospects scan your brochure or print marketing materials with the free Augment app, they are sent directly to one of your augmented products, to your whole product portfolio, to a video, or to your website.

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You can also create incredible augmented business cards!


Which products should I bring to the trade show? How can I get them there?

It’s always time consuming to organize for a trade show, and it’s sometimes difficult if you have cumbersome products to move.  With Augment all you need is a smartphone or tablet to showcase all your product offerings.

Northern-Lighting---Augment3D-app---InstructionsDEMO YOUR PRODUCTS LIKE NEVER BEFORE

Catch the attention of your prospects with original visual material. Augment gives you the ability to demonstrate your product in real time, real size and in the real environment.  You can turn, zoom, move, and manipulate the product to show all of its fantastic details.  

That’s not all! With Augment it’s possible to simulate animated 3D models.  Go beyond static models and have an even bigger impact on your prospects.  Demo your products like never before.

Watch the video and read the article “5 uses of animated 3D models” to see animated models in action.


Even before the final sale, your product becomes your client’s product. Experiencing your product in augmented reality, engages the customer and makes them feel invested in your offering.

Your prospects can appreciate all the details of your product and imagine themselves owning it.  Augment lets clients take a picture of the product and send it to their family, friends, and business partners to seek their advice.

Let your prospects try your product at home! You can give your brochure to your customers allowing them the opportunity to try your products directly at home.

Don’t worry about your clients losing your brochure.  With Augment, they can save the simulation right on their device, or it can be emailed directly to them.

balloons in the sky


By offering a unique experience to your customers, you’ll attract them and increase engagement to drive sales.  

Augment facilitates the decision making process and eliminates the guesswork in buying online.  Your customers become more confident in your product offering and sales close faster.

Using Augment at trade shows, let’s you stand out among the competition.  Attracting, enticing, and engaging your customers has never been so easy and fast.

Augment is the tool to boost your sales!

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