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Forget about building in-house AR solutions. Augment provides everything you need from 3D content to optimized AR experiences.

Our built-in solutions

3D Factory
3D Factory

Get your AR-ready 3D products fast and at an unbeatable price

Upload 2D images and specs. Get a great looking 3D model from our community of 3D designers.

Field Sales
Field Sales

Drive field sales

Field sales reps simulate products in real size in their customer's environment and close deals more efficiently. A great fit for CPG / FMCG POS materials, industrial machines or any other type of B2B product.


Increase eCommerce sales and engagement

Shoppers try products at home in real size and buy in confidence through augmented reality, directly from the eCommerce apps of retailers.

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The early stages: how a creative marketing manager successfully introduced new technology to the sales team

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Embracing new technology is all about seeing the possibilities, says de Ruiter. Many people are quite conservative, thinking 'What we've always done, works fine, why try something new?'

To break the status quo, I created several models of Halloween and Christmas-themed displays in Augment. Look, you now have a library with models in the app. Go work with it, and try to do something with your customers.

Our account managers won major deals using these models. This created momentum, and we now have people who use Augment on 90% of their projects.

The commercial team appreciates how well customers receive Augment, and they're winning important contracts.

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