Project Description

Meet Dr. Alexis JENNY PhD at Université de Strasbourg

As a PhD student at the Université de Strasbourg, Alexis JENNY used Augment to defend his thesis on how the fields of dentistry and medicine could benefit from using augmented reality. His innovative dissertation was granted the highest mark, and his research even inspired his school to introduce Augment into the classroom.

Professors at the dental school, like Dr. Roger Joerger, use Augment for coursework and for practicals to demonstrate dental models to students and to enable students to compare their sculpting to the reference models. Students are now able to easily access the models anytime and anywhere by scanning the custom trackers and see the models pop up immediately. Augmented reality streamlines communications between the professors and students, and further clarifies the images and text found in the textbooks.

Now a dentist, Dr. Alexis JENNY is continuing his work with Augment by developing and writing a book for dental students so that they can benefit from these models as much as he did. Augment enables students and professors to easily displays 3D models year after year and make modifications that are necessary. Furthermore, by overlaying the sculpting work of students with reference examples, students can easily compare and then learn from their mistakes.