Project Description

Meet Engineering Professor Mauro Figueiredo from the Universidade do Algarve, Portgual

Learning how to 3D model is standard among engineering students, and so is learning how to portray 3D objects on paper. But, as many students discover, it can be difficult to create one with just the other. Professor Mauro Figueiredo has learned to bridge that gap with Augment.

Figueiredo is a professor at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia at the Universidade do Algarve in Portugal, and he continuously uses Augment throughout the year with his first year mechanical engineering students. As his students learned to 3D model on programs like SketchUp, and draw orthographic and isometric views (like the custom trackers below), Mauro looked for ways to have students easily reference one from another. Taking advantage of the ubiquity and processing power of mobile devices, Figueiredo now uses Augment so that his students can project their 3D models from their 2D drawings. By placing these in juxtaposition, his students are now able to better understand how one form translates to the other.

Having the ability to overlay the 3D models on flat drawings on Augment has increased students’ spatial visualization capabilities, and it has improved their ability to identify and understand the appearance and features regardless of whether it’s displayed in 2D and 3D. Figueiredo has also learned that students are also more enthusiastic to learn when Augment is integrated into the lesson due to the diversification of the lesson plan and the ability to interact with their learning material.