Project Description

Meet Juan Javier Valdivieso, an architecture student at the Universidad de Cuenca in Ecuador.


The Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitecture Académica ARQA (Latin American Biennial of Academic Architecture ARQA) is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University de Cuenca, Ecuador. Through organized debates, workshops, and shows focusing on the exchanges of experiences, the event undertakes the difficult task of linking theory and practice in the field of architecture. 

In 2016, the exposition paid tribute to the iconic architecture firm CONAR. Juan Javier Valdivieso, a student of architecture at the university, submitted a proposal to display the memorable works of CONAR using augmented reality. Valdivies chose to use Augment app for his winning proposal, taking advantage of the free access Augment provided to education users. His completed project was the first in the history of the exposition to present architectural works in such a way, for in the past, the exposition had heavily relied on the traditional method of presenting works with physical mockups.  

Valdivieso and the team chose 8 different houses and created 3 dimensional models of each, taking care to accurately represent the external spaces and internal compositions. The team was able to easily update the latest iterations of the models and test them as they made necessary modifications — adjusting the maximum dimensions of the models, perfecting the line thickness of the tracker, and optimizing the model to decrease  loading time. Through this process, they determined the best orientation and size of the model appropriate for the exhibition space. 

The trials and tests were set in the main lobby of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, giving students and teachers a glimpse of how it would be later presented to the public. Valdivieso and other members of the organization team were able to present their work, to great fanfare, at the inaugural ceremony to the public, academics, and political authorities.  

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