Project Description

How the Mansion at Casa Madrona employs AR to attract prospective customers

The Mansion at Casa Madrona is an exclusive, luxury property that houses 11 extraordinary guest accommodations including the unparalleled 5,000-square-foot Alexandrite Suite.  It is renowned for its contemporary style and unrivaled amenities.  With such a spectacular property, the challenge was that of marketing the Mansion at Casa Madrona in an equally impressive way.

Today, the management team brings the Mansion at Casa Madrona to life through augmented brochures.  Augmented reality communicates the amazement of the Mansion in an innovative and engaging way.  The wow factor of augmented reality complements the wow factor of the Mansion itself, making for an incredible user experience.  For the Mansion at Casa Madrona, augmented reality generates buzz and attracts customers beyond that of traditional media channels.   

Check out Casa Madrona’s augmented brochure for yourself.  Each page is augmented with content.  Download Augment and scan each page to unlock all the features of Casa Madrona.

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