Project Description

How Siemens generates more leads for it new Acvatix line through interactive brochures

augmented reality interactive print Siemens

Siemens is a 165-years old company that specializes in industrial and engineering innovations.  Siemens produces highly technical and well engineered products.  At important tradeshows, Siemens’ booth displays and marketing materials fell short when it came to relaying technical product information.

To better showcase in detail its range of high quality magnetic valves at tradeshows, Siemens augments its marketing materials.  Siemens invites customers to scan its brochures to simulate in augmented reality highly technical components of its valves.  The augmented components are true to size and accessible anywhere at anytime.    

At tradeshows, customers are better engaged in Siemens’ augmented reality product demonstrations.  They achieve a more in-depth appreciation of Siemens’ products.

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