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Meet Ondris Pui and his students from RMIT University Vietnam

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Campus in Vietnam has employed Augment in their Digital Media program, where it serves the needs of their Augmented Reality (AR) course. Ondris Pui, Senior Educator at the School of Communication Design, introduced this course to ensure that students are equipped to meet the future requirements for the Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce.

Augment was chosen due to its’ ability to quickly generate interactive AR content, suitable for deployment on a range of mobile devices.  Since obtaining the Augment education subscription for students in early 2016, the university has received support from the Augment team in the form of video conferencing and emails in regards to integrating AR into the course. The output from students has been impressive, with the content of their projects addressing such themes as Vietnamese culture, education, and support for disability. Students are also combining 3D printed models with gameplay generated from AR incorporating the use of the Augment mobile app and Augment Desktop. Here are a few stories about their work:

Final year student Truong Thanh Hung has created ‘Historium’, an augmented reality app intended to help Vietnamese school children understand Vietnamese history in an immersive and interactive manner. “People love stories as novels, movies, animations, and games but when it comes to history they just hate it,” Hung said. “As a designer, I understand the importance of history to the future; that’s why I want to change perceptions, especially kids’ perceptions.”

Dyslexia Spelling Card, a project by third year student Chau Phan Hoang Thai has gained substantial recognition within the university, who has funded it through their Teaching and Learning grant.  “The app is designed to help children with dyslexia, it uses augmented reality to combine visual elements with old-fashioned flash cards that children usually learn vocabulary from,” said Chau. The project will make its way to Auckland University of Technology as a collaborative project between the two universities.

Hoang Thi Huong Trang,  a third year student uses Augment to generate awareness about endangered animal species at Nam Cai Tien National Park in Vietnam. Users are able to see and interact with the types of animals in their habitat upon pointing at Nacati markers placed on trees.

Third year students Tran Thu Quynh, Nguyen Dang Quynh Nhu, Huynh Thanh Duy created “Choopachup, which applies augmented reality to enhance gameplay with 3D printed models. With Augment, users are able to change colors and patterns on the 3D characters.

Eggy, is a Tamagotchi-style game developed by Final year student student Nguyen Tran Thi Thao. Thao’s digital pet, Eggy, is for primary to early secondary school girls, an audience familiar with current and evolving technology. “Through Eggy they can learn the responsibility involved with taking care of a digital pet,” Thao said.

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