Project Description

Meet math and science teacher Jonathan Newman

augmented reality education

Jonathan Newman teaches math and science education at Rehoboth Christian High School in New Mexico in the United States. Constantly looking for new ways to engage his students, he discovered Augment and quickly realized its academic applications in the classroom.

Newman starts by creating his own 3D models and animations using the free 3D modeling software Blender. With the Augment app available on classroom tablets, his student are not only able to have a 360 view of these models but they can also manipulate them to better understand the details and functions. This interactive experience with Augment facilitates and encourages learning among students in a way that cannot be done with static 2D images or even videos. Newman therefore incorporates Augment in lesson plans and evaluations in both his math and science classes.

Newman has used Augment for a classroom activity about probability and he has also used it to explain the Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) theory to his chemistry students. Scan the tracker below to see how he uses Augment to demonstrate the differences in particles movement between each state of matter (gas, liquid, and solid).

“Perhaps one of the best things about this [Augment] is that I don’t feel that I’m using technology for technology’s sake” says Jonathan Newman. Augment is an intuitive and easy to learn tool to continue engaging students in the classroom.