Project Description

Meet Dennis Young from the School of Packaging at Michigan State University

The School of Packaging at Michigan State University is a leading institute and a pioneer in its field. Established in 1957, the School of Packaging was the first program of its kind and it has been providing high quality education and research to this day. The School’s commitment to advancing research, innovation, and sustainability in packaging is evident in it’s students’ coursework.

Taught by Dennis Young, Package Development Technology is a mandatory senior level course on the development of consumer packaging using current technology tools. The class focuses on introducing students to the latest innovations in packaging so that they are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to use them once they enter the workforce.

One such innovation is augmented reality. With a lab assignment dedicated to this topic, Young’s class creates 3D models in Collada format using 3D modeling software. They then brings their packaging concepts to life, in scale, and in the real environment with Augment. By linking their 3D models to a tracker, they can easily simulate what their packaging prototypes look like on a store shelf or in a potential customer’s hands.

Young chose Augment for its ease of use. He was able to incorporate the use of the app into his syllabus and his lab seamlessly. He also notes the additional benefit of Augment for developing professionals looking for internships and jobs — by linking personal 3D models to portfolios and resumes, students can showcase their best work and their knowledge in the latest technologies to potential employers. Employers much like the ones here that already use Augment in their work.