Project Description

Meet Vehbi Balak from Harran University, in Sanliurfa, Turkey

Harran University - Augmented Reality - Engineering Vehbi Balak, a lecturer at Harran University in the historical city of Sanliurfa Turkey, is continuously looking for ways to make his class materials more engaging and interesting for his students.

Balak teaches mechanical engineering courses in technical drawing, CAD/CAM and CNC Technology. All engineering students benefit from the ability to see and think in 3D, but these courses in particular require a level of spatial visualization. Therefore, in his Technical Drawing Course for freshman, Balak adapted his lesson plan to incorporate augmented reality to do just that —  improve spatial visualization skills.

Balak quickly recognized the potential in utilizing the students’ “native digital language” — their extensive use and understanding of digital tools — for educational purposes. That along with his personal interest in augmented and virtual reality, led him to the Augment platform.

Harran University - Augmented Reality - Engineering2

By using Augment, students were able to view their 3D models in the real environment and/or in the 3D viewer from the convenience of their mobile device. This resulted in students having an easier time translating between the 3D models they created in Solidworks to and from 2D representations of that model. In addition, with Augment, students are able to do this in the classroom with the guidance of the teacher or at home for homework and additional projects.

An outdated method was using physical wooden models but this method was time consuming and expensive especially for large numbers of students. With Augment’s free education subscription, Vehbi Balaks’s engineering students were able to have the same benefits for free at all times and in places.

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