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Manutan launches a new augmented reality app for shoppers

Manutan, Europe’s largest supplier of business supplies and equipment, from office furniture to IT accessories, launched an augmented reality eCommerce application, powered by Augment.

Manutan’s objective is to create a new customer experience and to distinguish itself in the market. The project is being led by Manutan’s Digital Lab, which launched last year to help drive digital transformation in the Company.

“The idea is to mobilize around an agile project that relies on open-innovation in collaboration with French startups. They help us differentiate our offering and our business from e-commerce giants like Amazon,” says Martin Sauer, Digital Director of the group Manutan.


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Why Retailers like Manutan Choose Augment

Manutan is just one leading retailer finding success thanks to Augment’s augmented reality solution. Augment offers the best-in class augmented reality experience for shoppers, thanks to its distinct SDKs.

Augment’s offers retailers the first-ever augmented reality SDK solution for both native mobile app and web integrations. Augment now offers brands, retailers and manufacturers around the world an entirely new way to integrate augmented reality (AR) technology into their existing platforms, in order to deliver unique, personalized online shopping experiences for their customers.

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Manutan augmented reality app