As of June 27, 2018, Augment will no longer be supporting the plugins listed below.

While these plugins will continue to be available for download, users will no longer receive updates, technical support, or bug fixes. As an alternative, export your 3D models in the format recommended in the chart below for the best Augment experience.

Augment Desktop is a software product that revolutionizes the way you preview, edit, and upload 3D models to the cloud.

Augment Desktop allows you to preview and improve 3D models specifically for Augment.

Its user-friendly interface enables 3D designers of all levels to:

  • configure models so viewers can change the model’s color and appearance in the app
  • trigger model animations that the viewer can interact with
  • preview models before uploading them to Augment

While there are many 3D engines available, each produces different results. Augment created this solution to work seamlessly with the Augment app, ensuring models appear exactly as intended.



Ready to dive in? Download Augment Desktop for Windows or for MacOS.

Then, learn about the interface here.