Does Augment develop white-label apps? Our team is 100% focused on the development of the Augment app and does not work on white-label apps.
However, depending on the plan you subscribed, it is possible to remove the Augment logo on the app and replace it with your company logo or your own image. Read here how do that.

Can Augment work with Google glass / Oculus Rift / Google cardboard headset?  While we are constantly assessing the newest hardware for inclusion in our solution, Augment does not currently support existing glasses or headsets such as Google Glass or Oculus Rift or Google cardboard.
However new hardware is being released on almost a monthly basis, and the Augment team is committed to offer our app on any device that optimizes our solution.

Does Augment have a SDK to embed it in my own mobile app? An Augment SDK is coming soon. Please sign up for Augment to get the latest news!

Does Augment make custom AR apps? Augment doesn’t make custom AR apps, but you can change the logo on the AR view to your company logo. Read here how do that.

Does Augment have an education subscription? Schools and Universities, students and teachers can benefit from an Augment education subscription. To learn how to qualify, visit the Education Programs page on our website.

Can I get a discount? Yes. We provide discounts to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Visit the Education Programs page.

Do my customers need to subscribe to Augment? Not necessarily. Your customers can download the free Augment app to view your private models that you shared with them. They’ll need to subscribe to view your models offline directly from the Augment app. See here how to share your private models / tackers / folders / etc. with Augment.