Configuring Salesforce for Augment 

1- Connect Augment Account to Salesforce by entering your username and password, and then clicking “Submit” on the Configure Augment Instruction Page in Salesforce.

a) If you don’t have an Augment account, click on the link to create an account.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.07.38 AM

Configure Augment Instruction Page in Salesforce

2-Select “Open Page Layout” on the setup page under Step 2

3-On the Product Layout page, use the Product Layout List at the top of the page to add:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.20.35 AM

a) “Select 3D Model” button

b) “3D Model Name” field

c) “3D Model Thumbnail” field

4-Connect models to your products by:

a) Select “Product” on the navigation menu

b) Select the product you wish to add a model to

c) Click “Select 3D Model”

d) Repeat for all products you wish to connect with a 3D model


5-Return to the setup page and select “Open Page Layout” under Step 4

6-On the Product Layout page, use the Product Layout List at the top of the page to add:


a) “OppAugmentedLineItems” Visualforce Page to the mobile cards section

b) Set the height of the mobile card by selecting the properties (wrench).  Change the height from 200 to 60

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.15.48 AM (2)

7-You are ready to launch Salesforce1 on your iOS device


Salesforce1 App & Augment

1-Once logged into Salesforce1, go to an opportunity that has a product with model

2-Select the “Related” list

Mobile App- Related (1)

3-Select “Products with Models”

4-Select the image of the model to launch

5-Augment will launch the model

6-Orient the model in the live view through Augment

a)You can zoom, rotate, and manipulate the model in a number of ways.  This Help Center article tells you more


Capture & Save the 3D Simulation to the Opportunity

1-Once in the live view in Augment (see above steps), select the camera icon to take a picture

2-Save the picture as an image to the device

3-Close the Augment app by selecting the “x”, which will return  you to the Salesforce1 app

4-Once routed back to the Opportunity in SF1, select the more options icon and then the file icon

5-Select the desired image from the Camera Roll,  and write your notes

6-Select “Submit”

7-The image can now be viewed in the Opportunity’s Feed and on Notes & Attachments