I forgot my Augment password
To reset your password, please visit : http://manager.augment.com/#/reset_password
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How can I replace Augment Logo with my own?
To do so, log into your account at www.agmt.me and go to your profile.
There, at the bottom, there is an option to add a custom thumbnail. You should click on browse and select the image/logo you want to use.
In the Augment mobile app, this will replace the Augment logo with your imageThe image should be in GIF and PNG, recommended to have transparent background, the ratio is indifferent but it will be resized to 640×480.
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Is it possible to scan a custom tracker and directly go to videos?
Yes, Augment allows users to link an online video to a custom tracker. When scanning the custom tracker with the app, it will open the online video directly.
To start:

    1. log into your account on www.agmt.me and start a free trial.
      You will then be provided with up to 15 free custom trackers for 30 days.
    2. Add a custom tracker and at the bottom of the screen, insert a web link in the option called” Link it to a URL” then save

When the custom tracker upload is complete, you will be able to scan it with the Augment app and view the video.
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What permissions are required for the Augment manager ?
All the permissions required by Augment are just so the app can function properly.
Augment does not keep your informations except for those that are related to your Augment account, such as your login and devices that access the app.
The Augment manager works well with security conditions in most offices, the following domains are allowed:
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Error message: “Can’t contact web service. Please review your proxy or firewall configuration.
If you got this error message while uploading a 3D model, it is probably due to the file size.
The Augment manager cannot accept file that are bigger than 15.0MB.
For more guidelines on Augment, please visit :
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Error message: “Incorrect parameters: Error trying to access cloud trackers”
You were trying to upload a tracker onto the Augment manager when you received the error message: “Incorrect parameters: Error trying to access cloud trackers, please retry later.”
This message means that there was a problem while uploading and the tracker did not make it to our system.
Make sure that the image has some contrast and a lot of details, and try uploading again.
Also, if your tracker is in a file with a png extension, please try changing the extension to jpg and uploading your tracker again.
You can also review the guidelines for creating here.
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Error message: “Not found”
This error message sometimes occurs with web browser such as Internet Explorer.
Try using Google Chrome or Firefox to access the Augment manager.
Please contact support@agmt.co if the problem persists.
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