Converted formats
Bump Map
Env map
Animated textures


In a 3D engine after your material is applied onto a 3D mesh, the texture which is a 2D image is placed on the top of the material.

The Augment 3D Engine supports only the 2D textures. Those 2D textures can be used on different channels :

  • Color
  • Transparency
  • Specular
  • Bump


Extension Description Can be transparent
JPG / JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group No
BMP Windows bitmap No
PNG Portable Network Graphic Yes
TGA Truevision Graphics Adapter No

Converted formats

Extension Description Can be transparent
AWS Activeworlds Object Group File NA
EPS Encapsulated PostScript Yes
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics No
BLP Blizzard Game Picture file NA
Dj Vu Déjà Vu NA
DDS DirectDraw Surface container file format NA
ICO computer icons in Microsoft Windows NA
IFF Interchange File Format NA
JP2 JPECG 2000 Core Image File No
JPS JPEG Stereo No
PBM Portable Bitmap Format No
PCX Personal Computer eXchange No
GIF Graphics Interchange Format Yes
PSD Adobe PhotoShop Document Yes
TIFF / TIF Tagged Image File Format No
HDR Raster formats No

Files containing transparency (alpha channel) will be converted in PNG. If they have no transparency, they will be converted in JPG.


The Augment 3D Engine supports opacity material and alpha blending textures.


Transparent texture


The specularity is the visual appearance of specular reflections. It is a key component in determining the brightness of specular highlights, along with shininess, to determine the highlight’s size.


Specular Highlight


Diffuse channel


Specular channel


Specular texture

Bump Map

Bump mapping is a technique in computer graphics for simulating bumps and wrinkles on the surface of an object.


Diffuse (left) and Normal (right) textures

Bump Map (left) and No Bump Map (right) effect
Env map
Coming soon…

Animated textures

The Augment 3D Engine does not support the UV animations (texture coordinates), but supports animated textures. By using an animated GIF texture, we can use dynamic textures.


Animated texture