To visualize 3D models in a real environment or scan trackers,  it is recommended to use a mobile device with a camera pointing outward.

Supported operating systems
– Android 4.0.3 or above
– iOS 8.0 or above

Please note that the Augment application has been tested and works on the most widespread mobile devices. However, user experience has been more satisfying on the devices that are usually equipped with a higher quality gyroscope and a larger size screen.

The following list of preferred devices contains mobile devices that have been extensively tested by our developers and have shown the best results.

Augment preferred devices
– iPhone 5S, 6
– iPad 3, Air
– LG Google Nexus 10
– LG Google Nexus 5
– Galaxy S4

Supported devices
– iPhone (4S, 5, 5S, 6)k
– iPad (2, 3, Air)
– Android smartphones (except Wiko models)
– Android tablets with a back camera

Available features for each operating system are below:

Feature                                    iOS                     Android           
Public galleries
Explore menu
My Models
Offline mode
Static Backgrounds ✗ / coming soon   ✗ coming soon
Augmented Reality Viewer
3D Viewer
Trackerless /✗*
Photo Capture
Product Website
Create Tracker
Model Z-Rotation
Flashlight Control

*Requires gyroscope

If you encounter difficulties with your device, send an email at