Augment’s static background feature allows you to capture and save your customer environments on site and later use this background for any model in the app.

*This feature is currently disabled but will return soon!


3D model proportions and the perspective are maintained to help create very realistic compositions.

With static backgrounds, Augment provides sales reps, architects, and others with a way to keep captures of their clients’ environments and better customize their offers.

When you are at a customer site, you can use the live environment to show your 3D models and capture a picture of the scene.
When you are away from the client’s site, static backgrounds can be a very effective tool to use to customize the model or other 3D models to the client’s environment.

1- What a static background is:

  • Static backgrounds allow users to capture an environment in their Augment app for later use.
  • With this feature, the Augment app lets users view 3D models in a previously captured environment with a real perspective.
  • It allows to work back and forth on different backgrounds and models to obtain optimal compositions
  • Are created locally on your app and let you work offline
  • All other Augment features remain.

2- Create and use static backgrounds in Augment:
Create static backgrounds with Augment:

      1. Open your model in AR view.
      2. Freeze the background.
      3. Save the background. The background is now saved in the gallery of backgrounds.

Use static background:

      1. Go to “My backgrounds”, choose a background and confirm.
      2. Select a model from “My models” or from any public gallery.
      3. The model now appears on top of the selected background.
      4. If you need to change the background but keep the model:
        • select “change background” on the toolbar
        • It brings you to “My backgrounds”, select your background
        • Your model now appears on the new background.

3-Static background characteristics:

  • Move your model closer or farther away and the perspective is kept.
  • Change the scale of the model by pinching 2 fingers open or close and the background does not change.
  • Open a background, automatically does fit to view of the model.
  • If the background contains a custom tracker or the Augment universal tracker and that tracker is detectable (ie capture was taken at good distance for the tracker to be detected), model will appear directly on the center of the tracker.
  • If the floor is visible in the background and no detectable tracker, the 3D model will automatically be set on the floor.
  • If there is no visible floor in the background and no detectable tracker: Augment will show the 3D model at 5 meters from the device in proportions that fit the view screen.