Augment no longer supports the Sketchup plugin. While the plugin continues to be available for download below, users will no longer receive updates, technical support, or bug fixes.

As an alternative, export your 3D models manually via Sketchup, using the KMZ format. 



The Sketchup plugin* works on both Mac and PC.

Get the plugin now

or from the
SketchUP Extension Warehouse

*please note that our current plugin is compatible with Sketchup up to the 2016 version.

Installing and using the SketchUp plugin:

Download the plugin.
– Watch this video tutorial to install it, or read instructions below.


Installing the SketchUp plugin:

1. Once the plugin is downloaded, open the SketchUp software.
2. If SketchUp is on Windows, go to menu–>Windows–>preferences.
If SketchUp is on Mac, go to the menu–>SketchUp–>Preferences.
3. Click on Extensions–>Install Extension.
4. Locate the Augment plugin and click ok.
The Augment uploader has been added to the menu in Plugin.

Using The SketchUp plugin:

1. Go to the menu–>Plugin–>Augment Uploader.
2. The plugin window opens.
3. Login with Augment account username and password.
4. Add the model name, category and privacy settings.
5. Click on Upload.
6. Once the upload is complete, go to the app on our mobile device and select the model.