For many B2B sales operations, running an Augment pilot program is an effective way to ensure that the company is able to get the desired value from the platform while setting the entire team up for a successful rollout.

Augment’s Customer Success Managers train sales teams to ensure that each company’s pilot is implemented effectively.


  • Length of the pilot: between 1 and 2 months
  • Number of people involved: minimum 10 people up to 30, equipped with recommended devices.


  • Each sales rep will split her/his territory in two. The two sub-territories will need to be the same size, whether in terms of business volume or traffic.
  • During the time of the pilot, each sales rep will be asked to use Augment in one of the sub-territories while not using it on the other sub-territory.

– Control Stores = Stores visited without using Augment.

– Pilot Stores = Stores visited using Augment.

  • Sales reps will be asked to track how they performed with all of their clients/prospects during the time of the pilot and report on whether they were able to sell/place a product or not, as well as the amount of the transaction. If the amount cannot be shared, we will need to know if the sale closed or not.


  • KPIs tracked during the pilot: Usage –ROI – Product placement – Engagement
  • Data to share with Augment: Sales, Amount sold, Compliance
  • A comprehensive report will be sent two weeks after the end of the pilot.