3D model limitations
Your mobile device is not as powerful as a professional computer. Your 3D model needs to abide by certain guidelines in terms of total polygon count and file size in order to work fine in Augment, ie in a mobile and real-time environment.Back to top 

Polygon count

Polygon count Results
Triangle limit 1,000,000 Your 3D model will be rejected by
Augment’s server above this limit.
Warning The model doesn’t work however
within the triangle limite ?
The limit may vary according to :
textures, animations, device model.

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File size
The zip file uploaded in Augment must not exceed 100MB.


The Augment 3D Engine supports all standard materials: ambient, diffuse and specular.

Standard material Standard STL material
If there is no material, the mesh will be grey. STL models have a default material and appear blue in Augment.
standard-material-03 standard-stl-material-04

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Augment uses one dynamic light only. The light position is around the real camera.
Lower end mobile devices cannot support more than one light.Back to top 

Texture formats supported

Augment supports 4 texture formats : PNG, JPG (or JPEG), BMP, TGA and GIF.
If your model looks untextured in Augment, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Make sure that you’ve included your texture files in your zip bundle, at the root of the folder.
  2. Make sure your texture file names don’t contain any spaces or special characters.
  3. If the problem persists, try to re-encode your textures, using an image editor like Gimp or Photoshop.

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Texture size limit
The total size of all your texture should not exceed 25MB.
If a texture size exceeds 1024×1024, you will have a warning during the upload.
Check the table below to know the maximum number of textures per model according to your textures resolution.

512 x 512 1024 x 1024 2048 x 2048
RGB 33 textures max 8 textures max 2 textures max
RGBA 25 textures max 6 textures max 1 texture max

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Transparency settings supported: the Augment 3D Engine supports opacity material and alpha blending in texturestransparency-settings Back to top 

Limitation – Triangles sorting
The Augment 3D Engine cannot sort triangle for each frame in real-time.

Maya render (post processing) Augment 3D engine (real-time)
limit-triangle-sorting-maya limit-triangle-sorting-augment-3D-engine

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Limitation – Elements sorting

Maya render (post processing) Augment 3D Engine (real-time) Augment 3D Engine (real-time)
Scene Graph description:
All cases work
Scene Graph description:
– green_sphere
– blue_sphere
– red_cube
– plane
Scene Graph description:
– blue_sphere
– green_sphere
– red_cube
– plane
Limit-maya render (post process) limit-Augment3D (real time)-middle limit-Augment-3D-engine-right

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Z-fighting is a flickering rendering where two (or more) primitives have similar values in the z-buffer (co-planar surfaces). There is no z-fighting preprocess. This issue depends of the hardware (GPU) buffer precision. This phenomenon is amplified on Android devices (the depth buffer precision is very low).Tip: to remove z-fighting, make sure your primitives don’t have similar z-values.

Maya render (post processing) Augment 3D Engine (real-time)
Z-fight-Augment 3D engine ( real time) Z-fight-Maya render (post processing)

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Missing capabilities
The Augment 3D Engine does not support:

Augment does not take into account the lights in the original scene. Thus it cannot support shadows as defined by these lights.

– Shadows
– Environment map