As of June 27, 2018, Augment will no longer be supporting the plugins listed below.

While these plugins will continue to be available for download, users will no longer receive updates, technical support, or bug fixes. As an alternative, export your 3D models in the format recommended in the chart below for the best Augment experience.

Augment Desktop enables you to create multiple material choices for the same object. This allows the viewer to select and change materials in the Augment app for your entire model or specific elements that you designate.


Color Options


Click on the green plus sign in the top sub-panel of the Material window to create a second material which will appear in the panel. Customize it in the associated Parameters window. To remove a material click the red minus sign.

Multiple Material Options -Car


Click the blue arrows to change the order of the materials.The order of materials in the Augment app will mirror the display in the Material panel. Each material with color options will be selectable in the “Change Color” mode. To enable the viewer to change the entire model’s color with one click (rather than changing each piece of the model separately), create a texture with the UV’s of your different objects on one map.

Right clicking on a material in the top Material sub-panel gives you the option to do the following:

  • Restore the original material
  • Change the material’s thumbnail (jpeg, png, bmp, gif, psd) that will appear in the app


Interested in creating triggers for your model’s animations? Learn how here.