Augment no longer supports the Cinema 4D plugin. While the plugin continues to be available for download below, users will no longer receive updates, technical support, or bug fixes.

As an alternative, refer directly to the exporting manually link provided below. 

Manual export from Cinema 4D

To export a file manually from Cinema 4D:

1. In Cinema 4D, open the 3D model view.


2. Then go to File > Export > Collada 1.4


3. Enter the name and location of your model and options such as include 2D geometry.


4. Finally, find the folder containing the Collada file and textures, zip them together and upload the .zip file onto Augment manager.

Read the article “Adding a 3D model manually” to find out how to upload the model manually.

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Reduce Polygon count in Cinema 4D

To reduce the polygon count in Cinema 4D:

1. Open your 3D model in the viewport and display the number of polygons by selecting the “Objects” in the menu on the right hand side and choosing “Object information”.


2. This will display the number of polygon in your objects (or in your scene).


3. To Reduce the polygon, select the “Bend” tool on the toolbar then “Polygon Reduction”.


4. A “Polygon Reduction” object will be added in the object list on the left hand side. You can then edit the “Polygon Reduction object” to set the reduction percentage.


5. Slide the “Polygon Reduction” object onto the object that you want to decimate. Doing so will automatically reduce the polygons by the percentage you set. After reducing the polygons, check their count as in step 1 right above.


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Exporting with the Cinema 4D Plugin

No longer supported — The Cinema 4D (also called “C4D”) plugin works for both Mac and PC.

If you have cinema 4D R18 please try our new plugin and send us feed back, please -> Click here to donwload

*Please Note that Due to Cinema 4D Baking internal issue, We would recommend to use Bake object yourself using the Bake Object feature.

Installing the Cinema 4D plugin:
1. Open Cinema 4D.
2. Open the Script menu, go to ‘User Scripts’ and select ‘Script Folder…’.
3. Copy the file into the script folder.
4. Quit and reopen Cinema 4D.

Exporting the file from Cinema 4D using the plugin:
1. From the scene you want to export, select ‘Script Menu’ > ‘User Scripts’ > ‘Augment Uploader’.
2. The plugin window opens.
3. Login with your Augment account, define upload settings, i.e. privacy, category.
4. Select ‘Upload’ and you’re done! The plugin exports your 3D model directly to your Augment account.

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