Using the Augment app

The Augment app allows businesses to easily visualize their 3D models in augmented reality, in their actual size and environment, on iPad, iPhone and Android. It also allows consumers to view 3D product content in augmented reality, launched from a retailer's website. Watch the video below to learn the basics of the Augment app. [...]

Supported devices

To visualize 3D models in a real environment or scan trackers,  it is recommended to use a mobile device with a camera pointing outward. Supported operating systems - Android 4.0.3 or above - iOS 8.0 or above Please note that the Augment application has been tested and works on the most widespread mobile devices. However, user experience [...]

Sign up & log in

There are two ways to sign up to Augment: either from Augment Manager or directly from the Augment app. Signing up and logging into Augment allows you to: - access your own catalog of 3D models offline - access folders of 3D models shared by other users - view your history   To log in: [...]


The Augment App is very intuitive and requires no more than 2 fingers to navigate.  Bear in mind that gestures are different for 3D view : see below. To move the model, swipe it to its destination. To rotate the model, scroll up and down with two fingers or click on the button “Rotate ” in [...]

Static backgrounds

Augment's static background feature allows you to capture and save your customer environments on site and later use this background for any model in the app. *This feature is currently disabled but will return soon!   3D model proportions and the perspective are maintained to help create very realistic compositions. With static backgrounds, [...]

Advanced tools

When viewing a model, and for a better user experience, Augment provides a few pertinent options in the AR view as well as on the toolbar. In the AR view On the toolbar Advanced Tools for iOS devices In the AR view: Fit-to-view button: Occasionally, models get off-center. Click on the "Fit-to-view" button to position them back. Capture [...]


As a model owner, you can define and freeze the position, scale and rotation of your model so that users view your model exactly the way you intend. To do so, you need to log in and view your model. Then, more options will be available on the toolbar. Clicking on 'Settings' in the toolbar, [...]

Offline access to 3D models

During your free trial and if you have an Augment paid plan, you can have offline access to your 3D models. That way, you can have your products with you anywhere, anytime and show them to anyone. 1- Log in while you have an internet connection. 2- The synchronization will begin automatically. 3-You'll notice a [...]

Changing the logo in the app

You can customize Augment's augmented reality viewer with your own company logo, like in the example below.   The app and app icon on the home page are still Augment's. To add your own logo in the augmented reality viewer, follow these guidelines : 1. Go to Augment Manager > My Account > My Personal [...]