3D models in Augment: FAQs and error messages

Textures not uploading with model, missing textures All textures are missing No vertices in this file Triangulation failed Corrupted file "Mesh has wrong triangle indices" "Mesh has no normal" "Your file is over the size limit of 100MB" Adding a 3D model: Augment does not support more than 1 000 000 polygons. Please simplify your [...]

The Augment Manager: FAQs and error messages

I forgot my Augment password How can I replace Augment Logo with my own? Is it possible to scan a custom tracker and directly go to videos? What permissions are required for the Augment manager? Error message: "Can’t contact web service. Please review your proxy or firewall configuration." Error message: "Incorrect parameters: Error trying to [...]

The Augment app: FAQs and error messages

  How to view models when device has no compatible gyroscope? Unable to view models in own account? Why does Augment need permissions like geo-localisation, taking pictures...? Why does Augment use so much battery power? Can Augment run on Linux or Windows devices? Error message: "This tracker is not associated, please contact the person who [...]

3D software : FAQs and error messages

Common error messages with Blender : Error message: “HTTP error 401(Unauthorised)” Go to Blender, user preferences, Add-ons and make sure that the correct API key in the file is correct. This error often happens when the API Key entered is incorrect. Common error messages with Cinema 4D : “No curl output file”: If you received a “no [...]