Augment SDK Overview

Augment offers retailers the only AR eCommerce or augmented commerce (aCommerce) SDK solutions available for both native mobile app and web integrations. The SDK allows companies to personalize their customers’ shopping experience by embedding augmented reality product visualization in their existing eCommerce and mobile commerce platforms. Augment’s technology allows consumers to try products at home [...]

Augment SDK Best Practices

Augmented reality is an innovative, powerful way to enhance product visualization in your company's mobile app or on your website. In order to give your customers the best user experience possible, we recommend following the guidelines below when using the Augment SDK.   SDK Integration Example   Augmented Reality Visualization Button To make sure users understand [...]

Augment SDK FAQs

What’s the difference between the Mobile App SDK and Web SDK? How do I find out if the products my company sells are available in the SDK product database? How do I get 3D models of the products my company sells if they’re not already in the database? Do I need an app to use [...]