Adding a 3D model

General 3D guidelines : read about specs and requirements to add 3D models to Augment as well what type of animations Augment accepts.   Adding a 3D model manually : see the simple steps to follow and add 3D models on the Augment Manager.   Adding a 3D model from Augment Desktop : preview and [...]

3D models : requirements and limitations

3D model limitations Polygon count File size Materials Lighting Texture formats supported Texture size limit Transparency Limitation - Triangles sorting Limitation - Elements sorting Z-fighting Missing capabilities 3D model limitations Your mobile device is not as powerful as a professional computer. Your 3D model needs to abide by certain guidelines in terms of total polygon [...]

Adding a 3D model manually

From the Augment Manager, to add a model manually, you need to: 1. Log into your account on Augment Manager, then select “All models” on the left hand side menu   2. You can add a model by: Either dragging and dropping the zip file containing your model(+textures +mtl) Or opting to browse for your [...]