Augment offers retailers the only AR eCommerce or augmented commerce (aCommerce) SDK solutions available for both native mobile app and web integrations. The SDK allows companies to personalize their customers’ shopping experience by embedding augmented reality product visualization in their existing eCommerce and mobile commerce platforms.

Augment’s technology allows consumers to try products at home before buying through any app or website. This solution results in more conversions and fewer returns. Tapping the visualization button on a smartphone or tablet launches the AR viewer, displaying a realistic rendering of the product in the customer’s environment in real time, at scale. Customers can also text themselves the product link from a computer to view in AR through their mobile device before buying the product.



Product Database

The SDK includes Augment’s centralized product database.  No need to worry about getting 3D models of all your products; we take care of that, making it simple for retailers to select the 3D models of products they sell and display them in augmented reality.

Our database sets the industry standard for 3D product models and provides the best delivery system.

If we have the product available in our database, the Augment button appears on the product page. If not, it’s not displayed. When the 3D model does become available, the button appears!

Presto!  A simple, hassle free integration.