When viewing a model, and for a better user experience, Augment provides a few pertinent options in the AR view as well as on the toolbar.

In the AR view
On the toolbar
Advanced Tools for iOS devices

In the AR view:

Fit-to-view button: Occasionally, models get off-center. Click on the “Fit-to-view” button to position them back.

Capture scene: The camera icon serves to capture a picture of a particular scene. This photo will be added to your album on your mobile device.

On the toolbar:

Webpage: It allows the user to visit the webpage associated to the model. Selecting this option brings up a webpage with full functionalities. To exit the webpage and go back to Augment, just hit the regular back button for Android devices or “Back” on the top left for iOS devices.

Please note: This option is added by the model owner and if there is no webpage associated to the model, the “webpage ” button will not display.

Freeze background (This feature is currently disabled but will return soon!):  It allows you to freeze the camera; the background becomes a still image. The model will still move in a coherent manner in this environment. If you move your device, the background will remain still.


Share: This option lets the user share a model by sending a URL link to business partners or team members. It can be shared by email, Facebook, Twitter…
When the recipient receives it and click on the included link, the model will open directly in Augment. They will be prompted to install Augment if they had not already done so.
Learn more about sharing a model from the Augment app.

3D View: Lets you view the model in 3D without a real environment. The model appears as in a vacuum, with a black background.

The “Augmented Reality” bar serves to return to the AR view.

Settings: As a model owner, you can define and freeze the position, scale and rotation of your model so that users view your model exactly the way you intend.
Learn more about “Settings”

Hide/ Show shadows: Choose this option to display or remove the shadows on the model. If the owner of the model disabled this option, it will not be available for users.

Rotate: Rotate the model 90° clockwise around the x-axis.

Favorites: Allows to add the model to the “Favorites” model folder. The model will then be listed in “Favorites” in the menu.

Add a model: To bring in additional models. After adding other models you can move and position all models in the scene independently.

In this image,the model “Trees” was added to “villa for demo”. 

Flash: For mobile devices equipped with flashlight, this functionality allows lighting of the immediate environment for better picture when capturing a scene.

Create a tracker: Permits you to create a temporary custom tracker. Sometimes necessary for better handling of a model. If you misplaced your custom tracker and cannot print the universal Augment tracker,  you can use any print as on-the-fly custom tracker.
On-the-fly trackers are not be functional once you exit the session.

Print tracker: Choose this option then enter an email address to have the system send an email with a URL link pointing to the universal Augment tracker.

Help: Brings up a help window with explanations of basic gestures. Clicking “Ok” will simply close the help window whereas selecting “Video” will take you to the gesture video on the Augment channel on Youtube.


Add models to create a scenery !

Advanced Tool for iOS devices:

On Apple devices you can chose an option that will make 3D models disappear from the AR view when the tracker is not detected.

Go to your Apple device’s settings and select Augment.




Enable “Model Hidden if no Tracker”.