Augment no longer supports the 3DS Max plugin. While the plugin continues to be available for download below, users will no longer receive updates, technical support, or bug fixes.

As an alternative, refer directly to the exporting manually link provided below. 


Exporting manually with 3DS Max

To export and animated model from 3DS Max, export it manually in Collada:

1. In 3DS Max, open the 3D model view.

3DS manual export 1


2. Then go to “File” > “Export” >Export non native file formats.

3DS manual export 2


3. Then select”Autodesk Collada” or OBJ-Exporter.

3DS manual export 3


4. Finally, find and zip the dae. file and textures (or the obj file and the material) and upload the .zip file onto Augment manager.

Read the article “Adding a 3D model manually” to find out how to upload the model manually.

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Reducing the polygon count

3DS Max offers tools to automatically reduce the number of polygons.

The following show the steps to follow to reduce polygons using Batch ProOptimizer:

1. Open your 3D model in the viewport and display the number of polygons by selecting the “Utilities” tools on the left hand side menu then More..> Polygon Counter> Count Polygons.

3DS max reduce poly 3


2. The polygon count will be displayed in the active window.

3DS max reduce polygon 3-2


3. To reduce the polygon count, go to Utilities >More…> Batch ProOptimizer and select the files, the directory and the optimisation, then click ok.

3DS max reduce poly 4


4. 3DS Max will generate one or more files depending of the optimisations selected and the reduced polygon count will display in the active view.

Screenshot 2014-11-12 17.09.15



Current plugin

No longer supported

Get the plugin now


1> download the zip file above
2> copy the files to the target location
c:/Users//AppData/Local/Autodesk/3dsMax/<3dsMax Version>/ENU
3> go to Customize -> Customize User Insterface
4 > check for the augment plugin the Toolbars tab then drag it to you tool bar


5> you are ready to Go




Old Plugin Version

No longer supported — Just in case Our new plugin is not working for you here is the Old version

Get the plugin now

– 3DS Max 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012
– V-Ray and Mental Ray renderers

3DS Max plugin new features:

    • Exports reflective materials so that they reflect the real environment in Augment.
    • Exports animations whether they are baked or not.
    • Now exports models in Collada instead of Obj in order to handle more material properties.
    • Brings a lot of enhancements and bug fixes to the baking process to offer the best quality.

Installing the 3DS Max plugin:
– Download the plugin.
– Watch this tutorial to install it :

Exporting with the 3DS Max plugin:

In some cases, in order to run the plugin, you will need to select:

– Scripting > Open “Run Script” > MZP-file

Managing transparencies

Managing lighting

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