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Beacons and geofencing have laid the foundation for making proximity marketing campaigns work. This past year alone, over 13 million beacons have been used to help retail marketers connect a consumer’s phone near and in stores. While these tiny sensors have been an important component of a proximity marketing campaign, the truth is they are becoming a commodity. Just knowing a shopper’s location does not guarantee a successful engagement.

So, what’s next for conquering the offline-online divide as consumers become more savvy and better connected than ever before? How do you enhance personalization where it matters most, and what intelligence goes deeper in powering those decisions? We teamed up with ShopAdvisor, a leader in retail proximity marketing analytics and mobile shopping, for a webinar next week on the next generation of mobile innovation and intelligence in retail.

Below we give you a sneak peek into what you could learn during the webinar next Thursday, April 27th. After you’re done reading and ready to register, you can click here to reserve your spot.


Sneak Peek #1: What intelligence is driving deeper consumer engagement?

Over the past year, we have seen the results of how deeper contextual knowledge leads to better consumer engagement. But, what contextual knowledge are we talking about here? One of the most powerful contextual insights a marketer can have in his or her back pocket is product intelligence. After all, the product is what the consumer is really after, right? Deeper, more granular store-level product data helps brands and retailers know exactly where their products are in-stock so marketing campaigns can only be served in the location of where those promoted products are in fact, on the shelves and ready for sale. In this webinar, ShopAdvisor will dive into the ways marketers can leverage product intelligence to save crucial ad dollars, optimize the consumer experience and increase customer buying options.


Sneak Peek #2: What mobile innovation is making an impact with product visualization?

Studies show that nearly 71% of shoppers would shop at a retailer more often if they offered augmented reality. With the use of smartphones rapidly growing, it’s no wonder why shoppers expectations are too. At the tap of a finger, today’s connected consumer can have the ability to experience how a product would work or look before making a purchase. Augmented reality does just that by layering digital product information over what we see around us in the real world, in real-time so shoppers can make a better, well-informed decision about the products they desire. During the webinar, Augment will uncover ways product visualization is helping brands and retailers increase conversions and customer engagement, as well as reduce returns.


To learn more about how you can incorporate the latest mobile innovation and intelligence into your marketing strategies, register here for the webinar!