Given Augment’s presence in retail, it was only right that we chimed in on Cyber Monday. This past week is one of the most active for both retail merchants and shoppers. Whether it’s time to buy gifts for the holidays or you’re catching up on your wish list, there are tons of deals available online on today’s hottest electronics.

Every brand is actively updating their roster with new devices — not just smartphones, but tablets, laptops, and other products that you’ve been long waiting on. Yet, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also a time where shoppers make rushed purchase decisions. With the nature of online shopping, consumers aren’t always familiar with a product’s actual size or how it’ll look in your home. Augmented reality is helping to solve that problem for shoppers.

Trips to the actual retail store are dwindling as online shopping offers a much more convenient (sometimes addictive) option. See the top products available online for Cyber Monday:


Cyber Monday