When it comes to new technology, it’s better to show rather than tell. Pokemon Go showed the world that augmented reality (AR) can create a viral effect and essentially influence human behavior for the time being.

Augment is active in showing our audience how augmented reality works, mainly through product visualization. In Augment, you can see any product in AR and we wanted to help shoppers when they’re looking to purchase in the near future. Below we review the Google Home Speaker, set to release later this year, and a smartphone augmented reality marker to see an AR phone in-hand.

Take a look at our latest videos as we show you a few cool electronics in augmented reality.

Google Home Speaker in AR

At Google I/O, one of the surprising products announced was the Google Home speaker, set to compete with the Amazon Echo and other in-home smart devices.
Watch as we review the Google Home through augmented reality. Try it now on Augment:

Smartphone Augmented Reality Marker by Augment

Augment is allowing shoppers to try a wide range of smartphones in augmented reality right in the palm of their hand. These smartphone markers work on either side, showing both sides of the device. It’s as easy as scanning the marker and selecting from the catalogue of smartphones.

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