Today we’re rolling out a new feature for all users – the Augment Button – that lets you easily add augmented reality capability to any website by inserting generated HTML code. The Augment Button is connected to a 3D model in your Augment account. You can embed a button on any website, from eCommerce sites to blog posts.

Allow customers and clients to view your product in augmented reality from any website.

Augment already provides 3D model sharing tools for augmented reality via social media and email. Now you have another sharing option, by generating an Augment Button (HTML code) to embed on any website. AR will have a major impact on the future of online shopping, and this new feature is a great way for companies to use the technology to increase conversions and engagement. Allowing customers to see a product in their own space, in real time, while interacting with it, is a game-changer. 

The Augment Button is perfect for users that want to add a few models in AR on their website.

Are you a retailer or manufacturer with many products that needs a more robust solution for a mobile app or full website integration? If so, check out our SDK!

Augment Button Widget Screenshot

Once the customer clicks the Augment Button on your website from their mobile device, your 3D model launches in the Augment app, in the real world, in real time. If the customer doesn’t have the app yet, they’ll be prompted to install it so they can launch the model in augmented reality.

What if the customer is on their computer? Clicking the Augment Button launches your unique Augment 3D model page. Here, the person can text a link to their mobile device or scan a temporary QR code with the Augment app to reveal the model.

Here’s a sample button >>> tap it and see what happens!

View Live

Ready to embed the Augment button on your website? Here’s how:

  1. In the Augment Manager, click the thumbnail image of the model you want to launch in AR from your website. *Note: you can only generate an Augment button for 3D models that are public.
  2. On the Sharing Page, click the </> icon.
  3. Customize your Augment Button with the options displayed.
  4. Copy and paste the generated HTML on your website.


Embed the Augment Button on your website and share the product page with us @augmentedev!