Manipulate and modify easily your plans. 


With augmented reality, architecture models are showcased in a completely new way. The Augment app lets users easily manipulate 3D plans through their smartphones or tablets.

As a key product feature, the company, ELK, gives customers the ability to customize their prefabricated home interiors, while maintaining the design of the exterior structure. Clients can move walls, delete others, and so on.  Augmented reality offers a real visualization of the final product for customers.  Augment is a key tool for ELK to showcase its product’s versatility, enabling its clients to create their dream homes.

Save money and time: replace plans and prototype with 3D models. 


From manufacturing pieces to assembling buildings to modeling the landscaping, the creation of an architecture plan is costly and time consuming. Augmented reality is an efficient alternative.

Visualize plans as never before.

LSI uses Augment to showcase its building projects in the real estate and construction industry. To present its new student residence project, the firm employed Augment during an event to great effect! The 2D blueprints were replaced with augmented models; At the event, clients were engaged and immersed in LSI’s project.


Even more, Augment offers an amazing experience for users– potential buyers or investors can project themselves into and move about the plans. You can visit an apartment or go through the middle of buildings as if you were really inside.

Augmented reality is a practical and unique way to appreciate all the details of an architecture model wherever you are.

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