Buying gifts for the holidays is tough, simply because you don’t want to give the gift that everyone else has given. This same fear is what brands go through every holiday season. Setting yourself apart during the month of December can be tough for companies who are looking to stand out on the shelves this Christmas. 

Augmented reality (AR) is helping brands drive demand for holiday shoppers, whether it’s through marketing or the packaging of your actual product. 

How so? Augmented reality trackers have been used to help boost retail sales and engagement during the holidays in two ways: AR-enabled product packaging and AR trackers in marketing.


Creating AR-trackers out of a product’s packaging can drastically increase conversion. Below is an example from Lego’s as they show the assembled product to this young shopper without her even having to open the box. This resonance is not something that a 2D image could convey. Augmented reality embedded in a product’s packaging is also used to show the full display of what comes in a set or how complex products work and function.

Reach a new level of transparency when enabling this type of technology for your in-store products.

Using augmented reality trackers for marketing is another tool that brands are using to encourage engagement during this time of the year. It’s actually quite simple and seamless. Any image can be used to trigger an augmented reality experience and marketing campaigns are taking full advantage. Such an interaction from a prospective consumer can bring true interest into your brand regardless of if that experience is a virtual character dancing in their actual environment, or hidden discount codes that appear through augmented reality. The possibilities are virtually endless.
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