ELK Group is an Austrian company specialized in the industrial production of offsite ready-made houses. With its leading UK supplier EBS, delivering and assembling close timber structural panels, the Group can benefit from a highly versatile system and the client is free to customize inside building.

“If you thought offsite manufacturing meant compromising design. Think again”

But in a concern of visual results, the company needed Augment to show its customers their customization with a 3D model of the building showing any details inside and outside.

With Augment, your projects become reality

ELK Group recently launched its new customizable home model, LOOFT. The concept is to customize the inside of the house while not making any changes – or only slight ones – to the outside.

Elk.jpgDownload Augment now on your iPhone, iPad or Android and scan this image.

The standard version of this luxury home comprises one bedroom. The customer is free to add up to 3 more rooms, moving walls and ceiling elements according to the airspace availability.

The visual has a huge impact in appreciating each customization choice and making the final purchasing decision. That’s the reason ELK relies on Augment to display the versatility of the LOOFT, showing the 3D model of each customization. Augment engages ELK’s customers in their new home project and eliminates all the guess work of customization. The result: happy customers and maximum sales efficiency.

Offering the high quality and affordable ready-made homes coupled with state-of-the-art visualization technology allows ELK Group to remain at the top of its game.