The usage of data in the retail industry is vital as we look to get a better understanding the buyer’s journey both online and offline. In our recent whitepaper, “Omnichannel Strategy: Convincing Customers Online and Offline“, we go in-depth about creating a cohesive retail strategy both online and in-store.

To better grasp how customers experience your shop across different channels, Augment took a look into why customer’s return products in order to create a better experience for prospective buyers.

Returned merchandise is a thorn in any merchant’s side. Some retailers are conscious of their data but have yet to apply it to their marketing campaigns, customer service, and omnichannel experience in an effort to better serve their customers. We’ve charted statistics for retail brands who want a deeper insight into consumer dissatisfaction. Here’s why customer’s return products:

Why Customers return products - Augment Infographic

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