How AR is Merging the Retail Experience

The digital age has led to an abundance of new merchants who thrive on selling directly to the consumer. Such a trend has began to compete with brick-and-mortar stores even though physical locations still host a variety of buyer’ perks. As retailers begin to focus on creating a cohesive experience both online and offline, technology [...]

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What if Used Augmented Reality?

Innovation in eCommerce is coming quick and often. When it comes to eCommerce, tailoring the buyer’s journey can make all of the difference between an abandoned cart and a repeat, loyal customer.  Walmart recently announced their decision to acquire, which would add a valuable eCommerce and distribution arm to the retailer powerhouse. Walmart announced that it [...]

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Why Do Customers Return Products? (INFOGRAPHIC)

The usage of data in the retail industry is vital as we look to get a better understanding the buyer's journey both online and offline. In our recent whitepaper, "Omnichannel Strategy: Convincing Customers Online and Offline", we go in-depth about creating a cohesive retail strategy both online and in-store. To better grasp how customers experience [...]

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Omnichannel Strategy: Convincing Customers Online and Offline (Whitepaper)

“Omnichannel retail is about sustaining a coherent experience for your customers across all of your outlets.” Although Omnichannel is relatively new, the innovation in this space is constant. Still, many retailers have yet to create a cohesive strategy that encourages the same shopping experience on all channels. In the world of retail, as eCommerce and [...]

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5 Tips for Getting Your Product into Retail Stores

Securing a prominent retail presence for your products can help your business grow through key exposure to your motivated, target shoppers. However, leading retailers typically have limited space to work with as they consider giving new products a chance. To win retail placement over your competitors, you must be able to present your products in [...]

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The Future of Augmented Reality and Online Shopping

The rapid evolution of e-commerce has created a new sales channel for retailers that is giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. Not only has e-commerce been profitable for business but also convenient and pleasing for consumers. Despite the opportunity intrinsic to online retail and shopping, there are also some daunting challenges [...]

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How Product Visualization is the Future of Retail Innovation [Whitepaper]

With the rise of relentless competition in the consumer goods industry, the separating factor rests in how well teams work with one another. Innovative technology has ultimately revolutionized the process of retail execution through streamlined communication. New age POS systems have accurately found ways for teams to collaborate in a variety of areas - merchandising, [...]

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What Technology is Your Sales Team Missing?

An effective and motivated sales team is integral to properly promoting your brand, securing lucrative partnerships, and achieving your growth initiatives. Furthermore, this important team within your company should have access to all the resources needed to do their jobs efficiently.  As sales becomes more open to accepting technological innovation, teams open to adopting new [...]

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The Evolution of eCommerce Over the Last Decade

One of the best beauties of the internet is instant access. The world wide web has changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and the explosion of eCommerce has changed the way we shop (forever). Over the past decade, the evolution of both tech hardware and the internet has had a direct correlation [...]

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Free Report: 4 of the Biggest Challenges for a Modern Day Sales Rep

See why 98% of customers prefer Augment over powerpoint! In order for your sales team to be effective in their pursuits of growing your business through retail partner expansion, they must be equipped with the proper knowledge, motivation, and tools to be successful. A good sales manager needs to be in sync with their team, [...]

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3 Retail Giants Who Used Augmented Reality to Sell

Augmented reality (AR) technology makes it possible for the digital realm and the real world to combine in a seamless environment. With AR, digital components and overlays work to enhance and elevate real life scenarios in countless ways. Not only is augmented reality consumed by only tech corporations and gaming communities, but it is also [...]

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3 examples of Augmented Reality in Retail industry

Ever wonder how augmented reality could be integrated into retail industry? And how would it help to streamline your retail merchandising process in a more efficient and affordable way? The retail landscape has already been jam-packed by products and it is cumbersome and costly to make big changes in display and layout without being able to visualize the outcome beforehand. And for [...]

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Augment for Salesforce

Sales and Technology Today, sales organizations are embracing technology like never before.  As sales software is optimizing for tablet and mobile, sales teams are adopting tablets in the field. According to recent Sales Management Association research, 40% of salespeople are equipped with tablets and more than 90% of sales organizations plan to invest more in [...]

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How L’Oréal Drives Incremental Sales with Augment

Share L’Oréal,  the world’s largest cosmetics company, aims to provide the best innovation in cosmetics to its customers. With an international footprint, the company strives to meet the diverse needs of each customer in every country. Always looking for solutions to run its business activities efficiently, L’Oréal relies on Augment to optimize its merchandising sales in a new way. […]

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Augment is demoed on stage at Dreamforce for its collaboration with Coca-Cola Germany

Share This year the world’s biggest software conference, Dreamforce, brought together more than 145,000 visitors from all over the world and 5 million people were watching the live videostream. We’re thrilled to announce that Augment was on stage during the main keynote! Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris demoed how Coca-Cola Germany has integrated Augment in its new mobile app to drive sell-in of point of sale materials. “You don’t really need to read the instructions because it’s very visual” said Parker Harris to introduce the case study. […]

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Augment brings life to your 3D packaging and displays at the point of sales


In a highly competitive retail environment, your brand’s success depends on your capacity to stand out with the best packaging and display designs and to negotiate the best placement with the store managers. The Augmented Reality app Augment allows brands and manufacturers to speed up their design process and shorten their sales cycle. […]

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