Is Interactive Media the Newest Digital Marketing Trend?

In recent years, digital media has become the preferred format for a wide spectrum of uses including personal, business, and education. The trends in digital marketing have also grown to meet the growing tech-savvy desires of consumers who have become accustomed to conveniently accessing most anything they could want with their smartphone and an internet [...]

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Join us for our Fireside Chat with Augment, Meta, and Sketchfab

The leaders in augmented reality, Meta, Augment and Sketchfab, are joining forces to co-host an exclusive event around the intersection of augmented reality and business. Join us for a fun night of discussions, drinks, and networking! You’ll hear about how businesses are leveraging augmented reality today and what the future holds. All attendees will also [...]

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Jean-François Chianetta Speaks at Inside Intercom – Paris Startup Panel

Augment's CEO, Jean-François Chianetta, joined Intercom on their Inside Intercom World Tour. At their Paris pit stop they brought on three founders to speak about the Paris startup community and the challenges and advantages in each of their respective industries. Our CEO spoke about a few lessons he's learned through Augment's growth and how he's handling [...]

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Google’s Project Tango Debuts with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

The Lenovo Tech World 2016 was highly anticipated and rightfully so. Today Lenovo announced their new smartphone, the Phab 2 Pro, in collaboration with Google’s Project Tango, set to reveal a new line of devices already equipped with VR and AR capability. Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro The Phab 2 Pro is the world's first Tango-enabled device. [...]

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(Infographic) Which AR/VR Headset is Right for You?

The virtual reality market has grown a great deal since Google Carboards were the only option on shelves. As we explained in our recent article about VR/AR headsets, there's different hardware for every need. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offer new computing platforms that are very much in use right now even though their potential [...]

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What Technology is Your Sales Team Missing?

An effective and motivated sales team is integral to properly promoting your brand, securing lucrative partnerships, and achieving your growth initiatives. Furthermore, this important team within your company should have access to all the resources needed to do their jobs efficiently.  As sales becomes more open to accepting technological innovation, teams open to adopting new [...]

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Here’s How Packaging Manufacturers are Using Augmented Reality

"Our mission is to transform AR in ROI." - Mickael Jordan, COO of Augment. Big businesses have been thinking ahead, finding new ways to improve old processes. Through Augmented reality (AR), they’ve been able to improve customer engagement and shorten their sales cycle. It is quickly becoming a marketing staple for large brands and retailers [...]

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Augment’s Education Program at a Glance (Infographic)

Augment EDU is improving the way that students learn.  Augmented reality is a great, effective portal for students to better understand concepts that are hard to interpret in 2D. And while augmented reality is still considered to be in its early stages, Augment has always been active in the classroom, hosting over 9,000 student-created 3D models [...]

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The Evolution of eCommerce Over the Last Decade

One of the best beauties of the internet is instant access. The world wide web has changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and the explosion of eCommerce has changed the way we shop (forever). Over the past decade, the evolution of both tech hardware and the internet has had a direct correlation [...]

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Siemens Finds the Power of Interactive Print through Augment

Siemens presents its newest range of products through augmented brochures. Asking for the audience’s involvement to increase customer engagement is a method used in the most successful marketing campaigns. Successful social media content encourages engagement usually by phrasing a question in a tweet or Instagram post. The best video marketing tends to encourage an action [...]

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Infographic: The History of Augmented Reality

Surprisingly enough, augmented reality has been in the works for several decades before sprouting to what it is today. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have exploded for $1.1 billion in investment this year and it’s still considered the origins of the future of computing. Not only are mixed reality headsets said to be the [...]

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Which AR/VR Headset is Right for You?

The landscape of virtual reality and augmented reality has never looked so grand for the growing number of users who are immersing themselves further into new "realities" through VR or AR powered headsets. With these revolutionary platforms competing to dominate mainstream adoption, there are many AR/VR headset options available. From the best video gameplay to [...]

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Top 10 Products to View in Augmented Reality

2016 seems to be the year of hardware as new products are hitting the market before we can get our hands on the older versions. Every brand is actively updating their roster with new devices -- not just smartphones, but tablets and laptops as well. Trips to the actual retail store are dwindling as [...]

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Using AR & VR For Education: An Interview with Kathy Schrock

The latest computing technology isn’t distinct to just enthusiasts and innovative businesses; it’s also used to help students learn. Virtual reality and augmented reality have been at the forefront of innovation in the classroom and Augment has been heavily involved in the learning initiative. Augment has been used by highly touted institutions like MIT, Carnegie [...]

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Augment’s New Desktop Software: Create and Preview Interactive Solutions for Augmented Reality

Introducing Augment Desktop, a software to help 3D designers preview, edit, and configure 3D models and launch them in augmented reality in minutes. 3D design software and AR technology need to function well together for their tools to create powerful experiences. For years, 3D product models or photos were only displayed in 2D for customers [...]

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How Big CPGs are Streamlining Sales and Design through Augmented Reality

The Retail industry has evolved a great deal behind the power of technology, led by the ecommerce revolution. The Consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry hasn’t seen much innovation to help accelerate sales to retailers. Yet, there are an array of digital solutions helping retailers sell to consumers more efficiently while keeping internal teams connected through [...]

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Vision of Augmented Reality at Facebook’s F8

Facebook’s F8 conference was preceded by a handful of expectations: messaging bots, live video, and virtual reality. All of those topics were expected to be expounded upon and this afternoon Mark Zuckerberg left us with a few gems on how Facebook intends to capitalize in these areas. But F8 referenced a major industry that wasn't [...]

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Five Industries That The Internet Of Things Will Change In 2016 [Whitepaper]

As cliche as the IoT has become, it still has yet to reach it’s full potential among connected devices in today’s day and age. With the hype around it fading in the rearview, we commonly overlook the Internet of Things, especially as new technologies to emerge. Things as simple as setting a “Home” and “Work” [...]

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When Augmented Reality Meets Art – Meet Artist Moto Waganari

Moto Waganari is a German contemporary artist who creates network-sculptures. By illuminating the sculptures he multiplies his 3D objects by a two-dimensional shadow. Augment is a tool for him to show his visitors how would a sculpture look like on a bigger scale. Moto is now working for an exhibition in Kunstverein Mannheim, Germany. It [...]

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How Augmented Reality & Innovation are Shaping the Future of Interior Design

The interior design industry has grown significantly in recent years, expanding to a market of $8.6 billion. Emerging trends have made the design process much more streamlined and less headache riden. Although, with all macro trends that have shaped the state of interior design, they all share a common thread and theme: Technology. The design [...]

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