What is Augmented Commerce?

Augmented Commerce - The buying and selling of goods using augmented reality to visualize products virtually in the real-world environment before purchasing. Augmented Reality has always been anticipated to change the way people see the world around them, but it will also revolutionize the way we shop online. Innovation in online retail is quickly advancing, [...]

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5 Mobile Apps Every Retail Executive Should Have

Clearly, managing a retail store unaided is an unfathomable job, and that’s where technology comes in. Between employee management, inventory management, creating sale reports, scheduling shifts, the store is also expected to perform amazingly on the customer experience front. Isn’t it too much to ask for? We are living in the "mobile age" and doing [...]

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What Every Marketer Should Know About Augmented Reality

Imagine being able to see how a rug would look on your living room floor before buying it? How about that standing mirror in your bedroom? Choosing a coffee maker for your new kitchen? From designing your unfurnished home to trying on new makeup before buying the kit, augmented reality (AR) is already being used [...]

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Engaging the Millennial Buyer is All About Experiences

“Millennial” word itself fills up the heart with a “futuristic” time – more digital, more fancy and more tech savvy. So, who is a Millennial? Millennials are the people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s and currently, this generation is known as the powerful purchasing population, alongside Gen Z. In the U.S. [...]

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The 5 Big Misconceptions of Augmented Reality

Recently, augmented reality has been getting a lot of media attention thanks in part to companies like Microsoft and Niantic, producing their own augmented reality glasses and experiences.  Even so, there is still a lot of confusion and misconceptions about augmented reality. Here we break down 5 myths about AR technology as we look into how it's [...]

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How Augmented Reality Changes the Online Gaming Landscape

Pokémon Go started an avalanche of change. Thanks to its fresh new take on gaming, and the billions of people who are going out to catch Pokémon, developers are readjusting their games in order to adapt to the ongoing trend - augmented reality (AR). Pokémon Go uses augmented reality, which is an innovative technology that [...]

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The Keys to Marketing in Architecture (Free Whitepaper)

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that will work for your small architecture firm the same way it will with an established organization. Most larger firms acquire new clients through word of mouth, which can differ greatly from the marketing of smaller competitors., It is no secret that marketing in architecture can be outdated and [...]

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Is Augmented Reality Snapchat’s Cash Cow?

Pokemon Go is said to be the first mass consumption of augmented reality (AR). Even though the mobile game from Nintendo is ranking more daily users than Twitter, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first mass consumption came from an unsuspecting mobile competitor, Snapchat, and it has opened a revolutionary platform for brands: augmented [...]

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The Biggest Augmented Reality Milestones of 2016

Though virtual reality was expected to explode this year, it was augmented reality that charted the most impressive achievements. From advances in AR innovation to strategic moves toward mainstream adoption, augmented reality has been the topic at hand, online and at our fingertips. Below is a list of the biggest breakthroughs in augmented reality in [...]

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Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality for Architects?

We are at the tip of the iceberg for what augmented reality and virtual reality can do for AEC professionals. With that, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are essentially on the same spectrum. They exist on a continuum – on one end you have virtual reality, on the other end you have the [...]

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It’s Here, Our First eBook on Augmented Reality

Augment is happy to announce the first ever all encompassing eBook on AR, “Augment’s Essential Guide to Augmented Reality”. For the past months we’ve been offering our community a variety of free reports, helping to educate those on AR. Now we’ve created an entire book to help the world understand what AR truly is, how [...]

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3D Models and Processing: An Excerpt From Our eBook

In lieu of Augment's forthcoming eBook on augmented reality (AR), we wanted to share certain snippets to show you the quality of information you should expect. This book by Augment is written to help the world understand what AR truly is, how it works, and the way it will revolutionize innovation in business. Enjoy an excerpt [...]

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Vuforia’s Case Study on Augment

Opportunity If a simple picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of a life-size, 3D model. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to use an actual product model in the real world. It may not exist outside of a digital CAD drawing, or it is simply impractical to transport. What if businesses didn’t have [...]

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The Difference Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Enterprise

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two technologies which are rapidly morphing. They’ve led the advancement of many different industries from gaming enhancements to B2B tools. The future of VR and AR are undetermined but they will undoubtedly impact business. Which technology is set to change business forever, and how? Virtual Reality vs. [...]

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5 Print Campaigns That Used Augmented Reality

In the midst of a today’s marketing tactics, the popular print campaigns of the past seemed destined to quietly slip into traditions of the past. Marketing in the information age is much more of an “experience”, thus pushing out former methods that were static and less interactive. However, by using augmented reality (AR) technology, many [...]

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4 Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Everyday Life

Augmented reality has a multitude of use cases, we're sure that you’ve heard it all before. Augment focuses on product visualization to provide businesses with the ability to show virtual products in real-time in their real environment. Although there are a few other uses of AR that will likely change everyday life as we know [...]

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You Can Thank Augmented Reality for Pokemon Go

If you’ve seen someone eagerly glued to their smartphone while walking, with airy music playing in the background, then they’re likely playing Pokemon Go. The new app has everyone using their phones like metal detectors and the fandom is growing by the second. Before Pokemon Go, Snapchat was the last to ignite such a reaction [...]

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Did Sports Pave the Way for Augmented Reality?

As much as augmented reality (AR) is said to be early in its development and adoption, it has been surprisingly active within professional sports. That’s right, AR has been widely implemented across the NBA, NFL, and MLB, aiding sports fans across the globe the subtlest of fashion. The masses may approach AR as if it [...]

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Full Recap of our AR/VR Fireside Chat with Augment, Meta, and Sketchfab

Last week Augment had the honor of hosting a terrific panel and fireside chat in New York City to discuss the future of AR and VR in business. With such a knowledgeable panel including speakers from Augment, Meta, and Sketchfab, we spoke covered the three most important areas: software, hardware, and content. We spoke about [...]

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Is the Future of Real Estate in VR or AR?

The real estate realm is changing rapidly by embracing innovations in technology that make it possible to envision and experience a property personally without actually being present physically. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two powerful technologies making a big impact in the real estate industry. By integrating AR and VR technologies into [...]

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