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Augment on the Road

Augment is hitting the road -- or the sky it seems -- this fall to exhibit and speak about the latest in augmented reality and how you as a retailer, manufacturer, or educator can get started incorporating it into your work. Come stop by and say 'hi' LSA Retail Tech Forum When: September 12, 2017 [...]

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Governments Investing in AR & VR for Education

Forcasted to be a $108 billion industry by 2021, VR/AR is expected to infiltrate across industries and many are continuing to realize the impact and value mixed reality technologies will have on our society in the near future. More so now with the recent announcements by Facebook and Snapchat to add AR functionalities to their platforms. One impacted [...]

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The Continuing Evolution of Technology in the Classroom: Past, Present, and Future

Technological advancements have shaped each and every aspect of our lifestyles: from how we communicate to how we work to how we entertain ourselves. Education is no exception in this matter. The way we teach and the way we learn have come a long way as new innovations are introduced and adapted to the [...]

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Getting to know Thomas Flynn, 3D Digitization Expert for Museums Part 2

Earlier this month, we released the first part of our interview with Thomas Flynn to learn about his past experiences and his thoughts on innovation in the museum setting. Here, we continue to chat with Tom to hear more about his thoughts specifically on 3D digitization in museums and what an institution can do with that 3D data.  [...]

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Getting to know Thomas Flynn, 3D Digitization Expert for Museums, Part 1

On Wednesday March 8th, Augment will be presenting at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas about the use of augmented reality in museums and cultural heritage institutions. The talk, “Bringing History to Life with Augmented Reality”, will take a look 3D digitisation in museums and how augmented reality can give these digital artefacts a life beyond [...]

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A Letter to the Education Community

Welcome back to the school year! Yes, it's that time again. Time to go back to class to explore uncharted waters -- whether it’s a new subject, a new technology, or even a new social setting. We want to help you out with your exploration: Go beyond those 2D handouts and learn a new topic [...]

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Augment’s Education Program at a Glance (Infographic)

Augment EDU is improving the way that students learn.  Augmented reality is a great, effective portal for students to better understand concepts that are hard to interpret in 2D. And while augmented reality is still considered to be in its early stages, Augment has always been active in the classroom, hosting over 9,000 student-created 3D models [...]

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Using AR & VR For Education: An Interview with Kathy Schrock

The latest computing technology isn’t distinct to just enthusiasts and innovative businesses; it’s also used to help students learn. Virtual reality and augmented reality have been at the forefront of innovation in the classroom and Augment has been heavily involved in the learning initiative. Augment has been used by highly touted institutions like MIT, Carnegie [...]

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Visualizing the Past: Pioneering Technology in Archaeology

Augmented Reality in Archaeology - Meet Stephanie Sterling, Student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln As an undergraduate student studying art history and archaeology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Stephanie Sterling interned at the Midwest Archeological Center for the National Park Service (NPS). For her internship, Sterling created an interactive web application aimed to educate the general [...]

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Bringing Science to Life with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Science Education -- Meet math and science teacher Jonathan Newman Jonathan Newman teaches math and science education at Rehoboth Christian High School in New Mexico in the United States. Constantly looking for new ways to engage his students, he discovered Augment and quickly realized its academic applications in the classroom. Newman starts [...]

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Preparing Students with the Latest Packaging Tool, AR

Augmented Reality in Packaging Education : Meet Dennis Young from the School of Packaging at Michigan State University The School of Packaging at Michigan State University is a leading institute and a pioneer in its field. Established in 1957, the School of Packaging was the first program of its kind and it has been providing high quality education [...]

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Bridging the gap between 2D and 3D in Engineering with AR

Augmented Reality in Engineering Education - Meet engineering Professor Mauro Figueiredo Learning how to 3D model is standard among engineering students, and so is learning how to portray 3D objects on paper. But, as many students discover, it can be difficult to create one with just the other. Professor Mauro Figueiredo has learned to bridge [...]

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