Our users often tell us how collaborating on projects helps move things forward. It’s common for multiple people and departments to be involved behind the scenes of augmented reality product visualization – project managers, designers, sales managers, and the field force. We decided there needed to be a way for teams to more easily collaborate on augmented reality shared folders containing their 3D models.

Introducing Shared Folder Permissions, available now to all Augment users.

Up until now, folders could only be edited by one user — the person that created the folder. Others that were added to the shared folder could only view the 3D models. With the new folder permissions, multiple users can add or remove 3D models from a shared folder.

Only want some people to have Write access? No problem. The user that created the folder has control over user permissions. Permissions can be changed for each user in a shared folder via a simple Yes / No toggle. Once you’ve selected the relevant folder, just click the sharing icon at the top right of the screen next to the Organize button to view the folder permissions.

Write Permission

Go forth and collaborate!