Augmented reality’s broad applications make it ideal for addressing some of the current challenges in the energy industry.  The use of augmented reality in the energy sector significantly speeds up work, facilitates knowledge transfer, and reduces costs.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, upon the real world through your smartphone, tablet, PC, or connected glasses.  AR enables firms to visualize complex equipment and systems like gas pipes through interactive 3D models. For instance, Fluxo Soluções Integradas, a Brazilian solution provider of automation and cogeneration in the renewable energy sector, uses augmented reality technology to visualize its complicated industrial products.  Intricate systems are more easily understood.

How else can energy companies leverage AR technology to their benefit?

  • One of the great opportunities for AR is in employee training.  AR facilitates the transfer of information.  2D diagrams of complex components can be enriched with 3D models.  Employees can rotate and interact with the 3D models to gain a better understanding of the equipment.  This enables for more in-depth training and faster information retention.  Employees become proficient quicker than conventional training methods.
  • Expedited equipment maintenance is another one of the great opportunities for AR.  With augmented reality, technicians in the field have immediate access expert knowledge.  They can access complete documentation for all the operation’s equipment on their tablets.  Technicians can overlay a 3D model on an actual piece of equipment.  They may also view the internal components of a piece of equipment and explore its inner workings.  System repairs and upgrades are faster than ever before.
  • Augmented reality also improves operational safety.  Not only does AR facilitate better employee training, but it also allows for better visualization of underground assets and complex components, reducing accidents.  Through AR technology, protective equipment and safety protocols can be illustrated in real time in the field.

Indeed, AR is a complementary solution for the challenges facing the energy sector.  It facilitates operational efficiencies.  To learn more about the augmented reality solutions available for your company, contact Augment via this form or call us at +1 929-999-1785.