Need to keep up with the trends and technologies making an impact in today? We’ve got you covered. Augment’s dictionary keeps you up to date with all the terms, concepts, and trends that are powering AR innovation.

Augmented Commerce: The buying and selling of goods online using augmented reality to visualize products virtually in the real-world environment before purchasing. Augmented commerce is the next evolution of ecommerce. Shoppers can try products at home in life-like augmented reality before buying through their device.

SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping): A series of complex computations and algorithms to construct a map of an unknown environment while simultaneously keeping track of location in the space.  SLAM eliminates the need for trackers or markers to anchor a product in augmented reality.


Depth Sensing Camera: This definition comes thanks to We found their definition to be one of the best out there.  They explain it as, “A camera with depth sensing capability can sense the time that it takes light to return from any surrounding objects, combine it with video data and create real time 3D images that can be used to track facial or hand movements, completely map out a room or even remove or overlay 3D objects or backgrounds from an image.”

Depth sensing cameras are only available in a few mobile devices right now like the Lenovo Phab 2 thanks to Google Tango. Apple is rumored to be adding depth sensing cameras to their next release.  The proliferation of depth sensing cameras will allow for more advanced AR experiences.



Diminished Reality: Diminishes parts of the physical world by removing unwanted objects from view. It is the opposite of augmented reality. AR enhances our physical reality with digital assets, while diminished reality digitally removes physical objects from our view.

Mediated Reality: Alters our perception of reality by adding and removing information through a device such as a headset or smartphone in real-time. In other words, augmented reality plus diminished reality equals mediated reality.  Mediated reality offers an improved visual experience, rather than just using AR or DR alone.

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